Iain Muir was born in London in 1969.  As of this writing, he is still alive.  This is subject to change without notice.

In 1972, his parents moved to sunny Rhodesia, and our lad grew up in Africa, attending some fine institutions, including
the fabled Prince Edward School. Growing up in the middle of a civil war can be interesting, and there are some lasting
effects.  For example, his first reaction in a new town is to spot the main targets for terrorist attacks, and avoid them.

In a fit of confusion after school, he took a vacation job with an accounting firm.  That was in 1988.  If he ever works out
what he wants to do with his life, he plans on quitting the vac job.  In the meanwhile, it has allowed him to work in over
twenty countries on four continents.  He thinks he'll add the Americas to the set, and give Antarctica a miss somehow...

After he fled Zimbabwe, he organised a job in Central Europe.  After eighteen months of living in Warsaw and
experiencing *seriously* sub-zero temperatures, he decided that his next job would be somewhere warm, with a beach.  
He currently resides in Sydney, Australia.

He is thinking of writing a book detailing his experiences as an IT consultant in Europe, Africa, and Oz, but thinks nobody
would believe it if he did!
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